Thermic Lance

The Thermic Lance is a consumable burning bar for cutting and boring stubborn materials. Once ignited the thermic lance will melt almost any material by thermo-chemical reaction. Due to its simplicity in use and basic equipment requirements it makes the Thermic Lance a very versatile and cost effective tool.

Its main uses today are for severing reinforced concrete, salvage, demolition, repair and maintenance in foundries and smelters:

The Thermic Lance is a versatile tool for cutting and piercing stubborn materials and has many diverse applications:-

Within ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, smelters and mills they are ideal for:

  • Opening tap holes
  • Removing aluminium hard sports
  • Ingot case cutting
  • Ladle and tundish nozzle cleaning
  • Slag and refractory material cutting
  • Burning/Flushing solidified steel plugs in bores
  • Clearing solidified spillages

Within other industries:-

  • General scrap handling and salvage
  • Cutting and severing reinforced concrete
  • Cutting steel piles
  • Cutting and boring quarried stone
  • Demolition and decommissioning work

The ADVANTAGES of using the Thermic Lance as opposed to conventional cutting methods and techniques, is mainly due to the speed at which it works.  The equipment is simple and easy to operate, and the capital costs are negligible in comparison to drills etc.

Another key factor that makes the Thermic Lance a far more desirable tool for cutting is the lack of noise and vibration created.

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